A new way to see Good Friday

I'm once again offering my outdoor service based round my own music. I sat in a conventional Seven sayings of the Cross concert a couple of years ago, and felt I wanted to create my own. I didn't like the theology, tone and especially the ending, where were left pretending we don't know the resurrection happens, going out solemnly in hopelessness. And I tire of this state funeral, bloody re-enactment that makes Good Friday a furtive day between the public holiday it is for most of the rest of society, and the gravely holy day it is for Christians. My music will be a shock to those expecting a new Hayden, and perhaps so will my take on the cross. I read from Neale Donald Walsch, Julian of Norwich, James Alison and feminist theologian Sally Purvis's Power of the Cross. The focus will not be on sin and guilt, but ultimately, joy.

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