Film group or film makers?

For many years I have felt an outsider and wondered if the faith group I was looking for existed. I found others who also didn’t fit but not a place to meet. I’ve had a conviction for some years that I would need to start my own. And I feel that time is here.


I have moved widely, both in faith and geographical journey, finding myself more Glastonbury than Canterbury, but still retaining some distinctly Christian beliefs. In fact, I chose Glastonbury because it is a place where pagan/new age and Christian pilgrimage meet.


I'm trying not to duplicate what already exists locally but also not be in competition.


Please see the website for more information.


I've thought alot about diversity and tolerance and my ideas might surprise. I hate being told what to do or believe, but also realise that absolute diversity is very hard.


I think of the difference between a film discussion group and making a film: the first you have common interests and some values, but in the second you must have a common vision as you're building something together.


All films need a script, and I realise that rather than call a meeting and improvise one with the cast and crew, it needs a writer director. I'm open to listening and working together but it does need to have a vision at the heart, a person or small group, and that cannot waver too far. You can't make The Little Mermaid into Jaws or just say "we all want to make movies - bring your ideas".


But collaboration is about making an idea better. We need different skills and ideas which are welcomed.


I believe it needs to have a focus, but also be something that has appeal beyond just to myself.


Often the best artistic offerings are those whose creators make what they wanted without lots of market research, and also they find a following.


You can be friends with other studios, even share facilities, but the film itself needs to have a definite vision and focus, and cannot be the preserve of every crew and cast looking to create afresh.


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