Holy or honest talk?

It’s hard when you start presenting to a spiritual group. There’s a feeling of pull between what you ought to say and what you really think.


I decided early on that honesty and integrity are essential values.


I know I could couch all my thoughts in calm, pious language that sounds like I have attained mastery of my inner life and relations to God.


I haven’t. I am still learning.


What’s a nasty shock is someone who knows how to woo people who then shows their real side; the minister who seems to be welcoming and broad minded but has a definite agenda; the liberals who will only tolerate their own brand of thinking; the cliques.... I guess many people reading this might have found this. New groups have often appeal to those that have been hurt elsewhere... but that’s another topic. Perhaps all I’ll add is that I have been one of those but also keen to move from hurts and gripes to positive growth.


I’m very conscious of the line between the vision I spoke of in the first post and not seeming arrogant and closed, to God and those who would like to be part of the group.


This isn't the Elspeth show; a church is not only a community by definition but our focus is God and I dislike dominant leaders in any brand of spirituality and development. Yet there's also the need to be firmly a leader and to not be pushed off the bench or sat on (as so often happens), without doing so to others. Finding that balance won't always come easily and I know I may get it wrong sometimes.


It'll be a learning process for us all, me too.


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  1. danthequestionman

    I firmly believe in the values of honesty and integrity; these are the major factors that faith in God and His Christ hinge on.
    I claim myself to be a Christian first and foremost. I love God, Jesus and the Divine Holy Spirit of God and appreciate all they have done for me all my life.
    I was healed both physically and spiritually one night at prayer when I was least expecting anything from God or His Cohorts.
    I have posted the incident of my healing in my post(s) along with a number of other concepts and theories I have about religion, how I relate to it and why I believe faith in God is the factor that not only changes our lives but give us the strength and power to overcome the evil that surrounds us in this world.
    I am not currently affiliated with any of the various churches in my area.
    I love to listen to a few televangelists that I believe are leading their congregations in the right direction but do not desire to support any faith based group that demands or attempts to coerce money from me.
    I support those groups who are actively housing and feeding those who are in need which I believe to be my duty as a Christian.
    I am not in favor of supporting multimillion dollar organizations whose leaders live affluenty off their congregations.
    Man, I’ve counted fifteen (15) I’s in the above statements. Must be all about me then, right?
    Man, I sure hope not; forgive the pun, please.
    May God help you in your search for Him and His love, which I believe is what keeps all of His creation together.
    Crap! Another I.!!!!

    October 29, 2012