Jesus is the Snake! (in the Garden of Eden)


That’s why he’s equal with God!




I am so excited, I first saw this last March (see this blog on Garden of Eden) but now I know it...




Instead of lightning at blasphemy and leading astray or the folly of mistake, the ring of truth, the magical click. Stop the clock, Anneka; let the maze light up and the fizzing stop. Jesus takes off his snake mask. You've seen me!




Satan is not named in the text, and the snake is actually wise, and truthful, opening up a new level of understanding. Is he really the tempter, or lost consciousness? Is this really not the first and worst sin, but call to adventure?




The apple is the red pill of the matrix, the helter skelter under Jamie and the Magic Torch’s bed, Alice’s Rabbit Hole.




You could continue to take a walk in the park/garden – but isn’t that boring? Or you could start the adventure, the upward fall, to a deeper, higher understanding of God’s love in a dynamic creative force... and the person that offers the adventure is the person who will assist in the greatest challenge, the person who’ll offer the bridge across the gorge and to a better garden than before.



Hence Jesus is referenced in Gen 3, and the same word for the crafty serpent – shining (nachash) - is in Num 21, used of the healing, life giving snake that Jesus links himself to.


We cannot appreciate our garden without the valley of dry bones; nor neo Eden without Golgotha and Sheol.




Shining light filled Lucifer might really be the son of the morning, who fell to earth as serpent, Melchizidek and Jesus. Is this what the crawl on your belly/eat dust remarks refer to – the humbling of incarnation?




Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith – had Paul realised what I just did?




I have some more to work through, such as those curses, how the Snake can be created (because Jesus is begotten and the same essence as the father in traditional theology), what that last piece about the offspring means exactly. And if Satan's explicit mentions are someone else, and if so, who?

I’m also working on the OT God generally, and about blood and sacrifice...




I shall post more thoughts as they come together....




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